Where to eat?

Taberna Vaca das Cordas

Historical restaurant located in the main street parallel to Largo de Camões. The decoration stands out, inspired in the tradition of the Cow of the Strings and exhibition of old photographs of this festivity. Quality Minho gastronomy and excellent service.

Main Dishes:

  • House style codfish
  • Grilled Octopus


Carvalheira opened its doors in 1995. Since then it has built a unique reputation in Portuguese gastronomy, in particular, representative of the Alto Minho region. In 2014 begins a new stage with the move to a new space that offers more and better conditions, whether a meal for two, with family or with your group of friends.

Main Dishes:

  • Arroz de Sarrabulho
  • Codfish with Cornbread
  • Goat
  • Ham
  • Lamprey (in season)

Taberna Afonso

The Taberna Afonso has excellent facilities totally remodeled at the disposal of its clients, so that they can feel comfortable, appreciate and taste the best codfish in the world, baked in the coals, accompanied with boiled potatoes with skin and watered with olive oil of great quality.

Main Dishes:

  •  Codfish
  • Grilled Meat

Diamante Azul

Regional cuisine restaurant with a large room, ideal for groups. Quality and professional service. Closed Saturday at lunch and Monday at dinner.

Main Dishes:

  • Arroz de Sarrabulho
  • Filet Mignon
  • Lamb Chops
  • Monkfish Medallions
  • Salmon

Adega do Adão


Located in the historic center of the village, it is a rustic house with good service and quality food. Much sought after by lovers of traditional gastronomy. With a reserved space for children, ideal for groups and families.

  • Arroz de Sarrabulho
  • Rojões à Minhota
  • Brasão Steak
  • Lamprey (in season)
  • Hake Fillets
  • Fresh FIsh

A Ritinha


In the traditional neighborhood of Além da Ponte, you will find a romantic space, with refinement and tasty snacks and Portuguese dishes. This new space allows you to enjoy authentic flavors at the entrance of the famous Roman bridge and in front of the Portuguese Toy Museum.

  • Codfish with Cornbread
  • Fillet of Veal
  • Arroz de Sarrabulho

Eido do Bispo

Adega do Espeta