What to taste?

The Limian gastronomy is unique and unforgettable, so it is always worthwhile to visit the local restaurants and taste the flavors based on millenary traditions and knowledge!

Arroz de Lampreia

Cooked in its traditional form, lamprey is on the menus of restaurants in the county, reviving tastes and aromas of a typically Portuguese recipe, being much appreciated by residents, visitors and tourists. Available from the beginning of each year until the end of spring, with emphasis on the "Arroz de Lampreia" (Lamprey Rice).

Lampreia à Bordalesa

Lamprey "Bordalesa" is one of the election dishes in which Lamprey is the main ingredient. The Lamprey harvest season takes place annually, being in gastronomic terms classified as the Lamprey months.

Bacalhau de Cebolada

Bacalhau was a typical dish at the fortnightly fairs in Ponte de Lima, and still remains in the taverns and restaurants of the town. In this qualitative leap from the fair to the menus, this typical dish from Ponte de Lima affirms its antiquity.                                                                                                                          In the restaurants it is presented as a dish of excellence, well accompanied by the excellent "cebolada", which is completed with a magnificent "loureiro" wine from Ponte de Lima.

Arroz de Sarrabulho à moda de Ponte de Lima

The gastronomic heritage of the Alto-Minhoto region is very rich in variety and quality, and this heritage finds in Ponte de Lima one of the most significant places of expression, namely with the Arroz de Sarrabulho à Moda de Ponte de Lima.                                                                                                The bay leaf, cloves, nutmeg, salt and pepper season the meats that, after cooked and shredded, are added to the rice. The unique flavor of cumin is added at the end. Pork is king, from the leg of the pig to the belouras, from the green chorizo to the farinhotas and other mouthwatering delights and flavors

Espetada do Brutus

Inspired by the legend of "Rio Lethes (do Esquecimento)" and local traditions, and under the PROVE Ponte de Lima initiative, a new dish is born, the "Espetada do Brutus".This dish will enrich and complement the gastronomic richness of the county and is based on meat of the Minho breed. Meat of great quality, certified, and of a superb and unique taste. This kebab is also complemented with neck loin and accompanied by migas, potatoes and bell pepper sauce. A mixture of typical flavors that will remain in the memories of those who taste it.

Naco de Minhota

Along with the numerous existing gastronomic delicacies, be sure to taste the "Naco de Minhota" with Minhota meat as its base product, a gastronomic reference product of the county. The genetic characteristics of the breed Minhota combined with the production system and soil and climate characteristics of the region give different organoleptic properties to the meat, highlighting the great juiciness and tenderness.


The most gluttonous, those who love sweets, can't help but taste the texture of the custard burned by the iron - a red-hot iron with which sugar spread on the surface of the custard is burned.