What to do?

Walking through the beautiful medieval streets of Ponte de Lima and visiting the main monuments is essential, but the parks and green spaces are not to be neglected in a visit to this town. Here are some suggestions, but be sure to check out our Limia Experiences!

Visit gardens and parks

Avenida dos Plátanos is a pedestrian area with century-old plane trees, planted in 1901, which provide the town of Ponte de Lima with a preferred location in the summer, due to the coolness that its shade provides.                                                                                                                                                         In autumn, the contrast of warm colors makes its beauty remain and invites you to a walk on the beautiful carpet of fallen leaves, in a landscape that inspires writers and poets.


Discover the History of Paço de Calheiros

Considered one of the most representative noble houses of Minho and one of the most important eighteenth century examples of Portuguese civil architecture. It gathers a collection of memories of the Calheiros family history, since 1450.                                                                                                    Located on a hillside, it enjoys a breathtaking view over the town of Ponte de Lima, an open window to the Lima river valley.

Visit Quinta do Ameal

Quinta do Ameal is a very old small property (1710) of rare natural beauty. Here are created and produced excellent white wines made from a Portuguese grape variety called Loureiro. It reaches its greatest aromatic and gustatory expression in this fantastic Lima Valley where we are located.

Going for walks or bicycle rides along the riverside

In the center of the village along the river there are three grassed areas (parking lot, restaurant, and marina). Along the river there are clumps of shrubs and some species characteristic of riverine areas. Downstream from the Roman bridge, more precisely from the Chapel of Santo António and the foundations of the Torre Velha, the right bank of the river Lima has been used as a pedestrian zone and it is possible to walk along the river for kilometers!

Tasting the Aphros Wine carved wines

Aphros Wine is a project initiated by the hands of architect Vasco Croft who wanted to be a pioneer in the implementation of biodynamic agriculture. It started in 2003, in the farm he inherited dating from the 17th century.                                                                                                                                             In 2009 it won the gold medal at the Mundus Vini in Germany, revelation producer in 2012 and elected "The best of the year 2013" by Vinhos magazine.

Get to know Casa do Barreiro

Rising majestically on top of the hillside, the Casa do Barreiro, about 5 km from Ponte de Lima. A mid 17th century house, with a beautiful central patio, it represents a reference of the architectural elegance of the noble houses of Ribeira Lima.

Remembering one's childhood at the Museu do Brinquedo Português

The Museu do Brinquedo Português is housed in the Casa do Arnado and its annexes, next to the Roman bridge, on the right bank of the Lima River. The permanent exhibition takes us on a journey through Portuguese manufacturers, from the late nineteenth century until 1986.

Visit the Historic windmills area

Be dazzled by the Terceiros Museum

The Terceiros Museum is housed in two religious houses associated with the Franciscan Order: the extinct Convent of Santo António dos Capuchos and the building of the Third Order of São Francisco. The remaining part of the convent, founded in the late 15th century, consists of the church, chapel of Senhora da Graça and the sacristy.